Who’s Working On It?

While most work done in Tuscaloosa is through food banks, faith-based organizations, and federal and state aid, groups across the country are looking into innovative action that helps decrease food deserts and food insecurity.

In Chicago, Ill., an organization called Fresh Moves has converted an old city bus to a fresh produce grocer on wheels. The group is, according to the organization’s website, intent on showing the public that there is a need for fresh produce, even in neighborhoods that are considered “food deserts.”

Fresh Moves has partnered with 64 different companies for route stops on their journey through seven desert neighborhoods. The two buses have made over $61,000 in 2012 alone, proving that there is a market for healthy food options, even in food desert neighborhoods.

Other groups are springing up across the country just like Fresh Moves, but Tuscaloosa is behind on progress. So, what does Tuscaloosa have so far?