Food Insecurity Tuscaloosa

Welcome to Food Insecurity Tuscaloosa! The idea for this site was born from a lack of material and data concerning food insecurity and food deserts in the Tuscaloosa area.

Food insecurity is loosely defined as the lack of knowledge of where one’s next meal will come from. The USDA home page defines a “food desert” as “a low-access community in which 500 people and at least 33 percent of the census tract’s population resides more than one mile from a large supermarket or grocery store.”

The map above is meant to give you, the user, a clearer sense of the degree of food insecurity the city of Tuscaloosa faces. Current points shown on the map can be expanded and contain more information, stories, and multimedia features; simply click on the point to pull up more content. The map can also be customized to show different sources of food in the area, by clicking the boxes in the floating screen in the right upper corner of the map.